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The Icon of Jiggle Farrah Fawcett R.I.P.

6/29/09 | |

One could argue that Farrah was THE inspiration for the "Jiggle Television" term; Charlie's Angels was the ultimate Jiggle Television. Rest in peace Farrah, you will be missed.

another nice Farrah tribute can be seen here at Fanboy.

also see:'s%20Angels

Sugey Abrego

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One of the hottest Weather Girls in the world, Sugey Abrego

Jiggle Television YouTube Channel Updated!

5/22/09 | |

Jiggle Television YouTube Channel Updated! Lots of new videos have been added for your viewing pleasure.

Here are just a few of the new videos posted at

Hot Spanish Weathergirl Melissa Martinez

Hot Spanish Flash Dance

Busty Reporter Keren Rios

OMG I'm in love...

Good ol' Jiggle favorite...Mayte Carranco

Baywatch; Top Pick for Jiggle T.V. Hall Of Fame

3/24/09 | |

If there were a pick for the most Jiggle Television show os all time, it would have to be Baywatch. The most popular show IN THE WORLD at the time of its run, Baywatch. Baywatch propelled Pamela Anderson to stardom, and spawned a series of spin offs like Baywatch Nights and Baywatch Hawaii. Here is a tribute to the most Jiggle show in the history of the world; and its bouncy star, Pamela Anderson, then and now....

Check out this episode with Pamela and Jiggle T.V. alumni Jenny McCarthy...

Rock Of Love Bus

3/16/09 | |

Are you ready to rock, reality TV style? Again? And on a bus? Well, get ready for the third installment of Bret Michaels‘ eternal quest for a rockin’ chick to love, which arrives just in time for the New Year. Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels is set to premiere Jan. 4, and from what we hear, the cast is more insane than ever. Check out the official press release:

The girls on this show couldn't be dumber, they are all silicone, and I think all that peroxide they use has soaked their brains into submission...what could be better!?!

More on this Jiggle VH1 Hit here...

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a comedy-action series that chronicles the adventures of Buffy Summers, a teenage girl who is gifted with the strength and skill to hunt vampires.

Watch season 1-3 online!

Kristen Miller, Natashia Williams, and Natasha Henstridge co-starred on the syndicated “chicks of "She Spies”

4/30/08 | |

Univision; All Jiggle, all the time...

4/29/08 | |

Univision HAS to be one of the most overy Jiggle Networks of all time...
Univision Network

The new Knight Rider: Threesomes & Lezbos!

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"Knight Rider," the iconic 1980's television classic that became a runaway success, returns with a modern day sequel. This new version is a lot more "Jiggle" than the original. The first episode starts off with a our lead character in a threesome in the opening scenes and a lesbian affair! Oh yeah baby...

The Most Jiggley Weathergirls in the World

4/28/08 | |

Hot Weather Girl Sugey Abrego

Has the NEWS gone Jiggle?!? Hell yeah! Here we have rounded up the sexiest weather girls on Television. Check out The Most Jiggley Weather Girls from around the world! Weathergirls, Angie Gonzalez, Cristina Ramirez, Eva Berberian, Gabriela Grechi, Karla Marqueda, Lisa Burke, Mary Gamarra, Mayte Carranco, Melissa Theuriau, Monica Escamilla, Sugey Abrego, Valentina Avanzi!!!

Monica Escamilla

Sugey Abrego

Valentina Avanzi

Mayte Carranco

Karla Marqueda

Mary Gamarra

Eva Berberian

Cristina Ramirez

Melissa Theuriau

Lisa Burke

Gabriela Grechi

Valentina Avanzi

Angie Gonzalez

Jackie Guerrido