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The Most Jiggley Weathergirls in the World

4/28/08 | |

Hot Weather Girl Sugey Abrego

Has the NEWS gone Jiggle?!? Hell yeah! Here we have rounded up the sexiest weather girls on Television. Check out The Most Jiggley Weather Girls from around the world! Weathergirls, Angie Gonzalez, Cristina Ramirez, Eva Berberian, Gabriela Grechi, Karla Marqueda, Lisa Burke, Mary Gamarra, Mayte Carranco, Melissa Theuriau, Monica Escamilla, Sugey Abrego, Valentina Avanzi!!!

Monica Escamilla

Sugey Abrego

Valentina Avanzi

Mayte Carranco

Karla Marqueda

Mary Gamarra

Eva Berberian

Cristina Ramirez

Melissa Theuriau

Lisa Burke

Gabriela Grechi

Valentina Avanzi

Angie Gonzalez

Jackie Guerrido