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Baywatch Nights

3/26/08 | |

The Gist: This Baywatch spin off recived a luke-warm welcome at best. The show would run for a full two seasons before being canceled. The show would however introduce us to a young Angie Harmon, who would later star on Law & Order. I wasn't much of a fan, but the impact of Baywatch and it's spins offs (also see Baywatch Hawaii) cannot be denied. Baywatch will go down history as the most popular Jiggle Television show in history of the world. There, I said it.

Basic Plot: Baywatch Nights is a spin-off show from the popular syndicated series Baywatch. The series stars David Hasselhoff as Mitch Buchannon, who operates a private detective agency. After the first year, the series took on a different focus for the episode plots with many of them focusing on the occult and similar themes.