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North Shore

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North Shore
- A primetime soap set at a Hawaiian resort hotel and revolving around the lives of its twentysomething staff.

Jason serves as the main manager to the hotel owner Vincent in running the hotel chain on the Hawaiian shore. Drama ensues when Nicole arrives on the scene and sees that her ex love, Jason, is the manager of the hotel. Nicole has issues with the relationship but tries to keep things professional to avoid getting hurt. On the beach, Gabriel is the hotel's lifeguard, who has a love triangle of his own after questioning his own future at the hotel. MJ and Chris continuously have serious thoughts about breaking apart after events in their past and present keep them separated. Frankie is the handsome bartender, who gets his own job as a club manager as the series progresses. Frankie's club, which is part of the hotel, serves as a place of drama throughout the series.
The summer series gets hotter when Tessa arrives in the second episode. She repeatedly serves as a character of controversy from the beginning. Tessa is out for herself and does not hesitate to use others to further her status and career within the hotel. The biggest shock comes Alexandra comes on scene and reveals her connections to Nicole's father. Alexandra uses her cunning to sneak her way into power over the hotel and causes many conflicts among many of the employees of the Grand Waimea.

North Shore at the beginning pulls in over 5 million viewers during its summer debut in the Monday slot for FOX. After the premiere, the show began to trail in viewers but not enough for FOX to cancel the show all together. When the new FOX fall lineup was introduced, the network decided to put the show on Thursday along with The OC. This move did not benefit the show at all. North Shore will trailed in around 4 million viewers per episode.

After trailing along until the end of December, FOX decides to cancel the show after airing 20 episodes leaving one episode unaired. The last episode aired in early January leaving many unable to find out how the series ended.
The Jiggliest' on North Shore; Amanda Righetti!

The unaired episode is hard to find, but available online.