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Police Woman

3/26/08 | |

Smart and sexy, tough and brassy. Meet Sergeant Suzanne "Pepper" Anderson, LAPD's top undercover cop. A member of the Criminal Conspiracy Unit, Pepper works the wild side of the street, where she poses as everything from a gangster's moll to a streetwalker to a prison inmate. Join Golden Globe-winner Angie Dickinson and guest stars Cathy Rigby, Larry Hagman, Pat Morita, Bob Crane and Philip Michael Thomas for 22 episodes and the 2 hour pilot of explosive crime-fighting action and excitement in POLICE WOMAN:

Police Woman - Blast

Description: Pepper the stripper. Just when you thought the writers were running out of ideas that lead to little or no clothes on Angie Dickinson. This time, she's looking into the car-bombing death of a special prosecutor and has to go-go dance her way into the confidence of some real bad dudes. Her stage name of choice? Flaxee Dupree. Nice one, Pepper.