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The Basic elements of Jiggle T.V.

3/26/08 | |

What makes a show "Jiggle" worthy? There are the basic elements of a Jiggle Television show...

  • Show must have a beautiful women as the main character.
  • Sidekicks & Co-stars must be equally or less hotter than the lead; unless a temporary guest star, whom can be equally as hot as the lead.
  • Costume wardrobe must consist of skimpy clothing; if not, the shows plot must allow for a "plausable" reason to put on skimpy clothing.
  • Uncomplicated story lines as not to distract us from the reason we watch, the jiggle.
  • Cheezy special effects and music.
  • Show must show clevege or sexy mid-drift in every-other shot, and no extreme face close ups.